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With BookTix, school districts can focus on the performance, not the paperwork. Discover why our clients love their ticket company.

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How Can BookTix Help Your School District?

Facing the challenges of organizing a school theater event on a tight budget, educators often default to in-person ticket sales to save costs, overlooking the convenience and efficiency of online solutions. BookTix offers a user-friendly online ticketing system that simplifies the entire process. From seamless coordination with the box office to real-time seating chart updates and digital ticketing, BookTix eliminates the traditional hassles of ticket sales, making it a cost-effective and time-saving solution for your school’s theater productions.

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School Theatre Ticketing

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School Event Ticketing

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Our School Theatre Ticketing System Just Got Better!

With a fresh rebuild from the ground up, our platform is specifically crafted for the school theater community, combining years of insight with a visionary approach. We’ve designed an intuitive, user-friendly system that simplifies the complexities of school theater production and ticketing. By focusing on ease of use and efficiency, we provide an unparalleled tool that supports the vibrant world of school theater, making every aspect of production and management smoother and more accessible

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Why Should Your School District Choose BookTix?

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Budget Friendly

Maximize your school event's profitability with our virtually free ticketing system. Designed for cost-efficiency, our system allows you to add minimal processing fees directly to the ticket price or pass them to attendees, ensuring you retain all profits. Regardless of your budget, we've got you covered with flexible ticketing solutions that fit every need.
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Season Ticket Packages

Boost your high school theater group's success with season tickets through BookTix. Our ticketing system is packed with features like season pass sales, reserved seating, instant reports, and special discounts. Offering season passes simplifies the purchase process, potentially driving up ticket sales and ensuring packed houses.
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Easy to Use

Streamline your school theater ticket sales with BookTix’s straightforward platform. Quick to set up with just a computer and internet connection, you'll be selling tickets online in no time. Forget the hassle of tracking sales, managing seating charts, or crunching numbers—our system automates all that, freeing up your time to focus on making your event spectacular.
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Merchandise Upsells

Enhance your school's theater funding by selling promotional merchandise ahead of the show. With BookTix, you can integrate the sale of programs, t-shirts, and coffee mugs right into the ticket purchasing workflow. This allows attendees to conveniently collect their items at the box office, bypassing any lengthy queues.
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Your Ticketing Questions Answered

BookTix offers an event ticketing system that is virtually free to use. The minimal processing fees can be either incorporated into the ticket price or passed on to the customer, allowing schools to retain all the profits. 

The BookTix platform is designed to be user-friendly, requiring only a computer and an internet connection to get started. The system simplifies the process by automatically tracking ticket sales, updating reserved seating charts, and calculating revenue, which saves time and reduces the complexity of managing event ticketing.

Yes, BookTix supports season ticket sales, offering features like reserved seating, real-time reports, and promotional discounts. This can help encourage increased ticket sales and ensure sold-out shows for schools with multiple productions throughout the year.

BookTix allows schools to offer promotional merchandise during the ticket purchasing process. This can include programs, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more, which patrons can pick up at the box office. This pre-sale of merchandise can help fund the school’s theatre program and encourage more purchases.

With a background in theater production, the creators of BookTix understand the challenges of organizing school theater events. The software is developed to address these challenges, offering a cost-effective online ticketing solution that can increase sales while streamlining the purchasing process, managing seating charts, and facilitating attendee check-in with minimal budget impact.

To learn more about how BookTix can assist in making school events more successful, you can contact the BookTix team to schedule a demo and discuss the specific needs of your school theater production.

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Final Curtain Call! What Are You Waiting For?

Curtain up on seamless school theater management. Fill out the form below to discover how our ticketing platform can transform your district’s theatrical experiences. Schedule a demo today and discover the BookTix difference.

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School Theater Ticketing with BookTix

Being producers with strong theater backgrounds, we understand the challenges faced when organizing school theater productions. Our event ticketing software was developed to tackle those challenges and fueled by our passion for the theatrical arts. BookTix offers a cost-effective online ticketing solution for school theater productions. It can increase sales while streamlining the purchasing process, seating charts, and attendee check-in with virtually no impact on the budget.

To find out more about BookTix and how we can help make your events more successful, contact us to schedule a demo. We are excited to work with you.

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