Event Ticketing Systems - They're Not Just For Broadway Shows

Event Ticketing Systems – They’re Not Just For Broadway Shows

In today’s digital age, the way we approach many traditional tasks has been revolutionized, and the ticketing system for theater performances and other events is no exception. Gone are the days when attendees had to stand in long lines or make endless phone calls to secure seats. Online event ticketing systems have become the new normal and offer multiple advantages for both production and event managers as well as attendees.

However, many smaller organizations like community theaters and schools often overlook this technology thinking that it will be too expensive. With BookTix, that’s simply not true, but before we get into how affordable our online event ticketing system is, let’s take a look at the benefits it offers.   

Benefits for Production and Event Managers

Expanded Reach: Online ticketing systems expose your event to a broader audience. People from different cities or states can quickly purchase tickets regardless of their location. This extended reach can lead to more sales and a more diverse audience.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Manual ticketing requires a lot of manpower – from managing phone calls to handling payments. Selling tickets online eliminates a significant portion of this administrative workload, allowing staff to focus on other essential tasks.

Real-time Data Access: Online ticketing systems provide event managers with real-time data. This includes ticket sales, seating arrangements, and audience demographics. Such information is invaluable for marketing efforts and future event planning.

Flexibility and Control: Changes are inevitable when planning events. Online ticketing systems allow for instant updates in ticket availability, pricing, or seating. This flexibility ensures that attendees always have the most up-to-date information.

Secure Payments: Online ticketing platforms offer secure payment gateways. This not only ensures the safety of transactions but also provides multiple payment options, making it convenient for potential attendees.

Enhanced Marketing Opportunities: With online ticketing systems, it’s easier to implement promotional codes, discounts, and merchandise upsells. These marketing tools can attract more attendees and create buzz around your event.

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Benefits for Event Attendees

Convenience: One of the most significant advantages for attendees is the convenience of buying tickets online. They can secure their seats from the comfort of their homes, at any time of the day or night, without the hassle of physically traveling to a box office.

Immediate Confirmation: Online ticketing systems provide instant confirmation. There’s no uncertainty or waiting period; the moment a ticket is booked, the attendee knows their seat is secured. Online confirmations often include details such as directions, parking information, or even recommendations for pre-show dining. 

Choice of Seating: Online ticketing systems typically offer a seating map, allowing attendees to choose their preferred seats. Especially for families or groups, online booking ensures everyone can sit together without the challenges of coordinating in-person ticket purchases. For those with specific needs, like wheelchair access, online systems highlight available accommodations, ensuring everyone has a comfortable experience.

Peace of Mind: We’ve all faced the panic of misplacing a physical ticket. With digital ticketing, tickets are sent via email or stored in an account, eliminating the possibility of loss. Even if an email is accidentally deleted, logging into the ticketing system will allow for easy retrieval.

Easy Access to Event Information: Apart from ticketing, online platforms often provide essential event details like location, start time, and even nearby amenities. This centralized information hub makes planning the outing even more straightforward.

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Event Ticketing Systems – Are They Right For Your Organization?

Although event ticketing systems offer numerous benefits, you may be worried implementing one will be more than your budget can handle. At BookTix, we understand this concern. Our ticketing system was designed with small community theaters and schools in mind and is extremely cost-effective to use. 

As producers ourselves, we know how complicated and time-consuming ticketing can be. Selling tickets online with BookTix can be a monumental step forward for your organization. It streamlines processes, enhances the audience experience, and provides tools to ensure every show or event is a success while also reducing overhead expenses. Additionally, the benefits online ticket provides for attendees will result in increased customer satisfaction and repeat ticket sales.

So, if your organization is searching for an online ticketing solution, look no further than BookTix. 

We invite you to get in touch with us today to schedule a comprehensive demo of our ticketing system. Let us show you how BookTix can empower you to allocate your resources to the stage or your event, rather than investing them in ticketing.

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