Increase Ticket Sales By Predicting The Most Popular Shows

Increase Ticket Sales By Predicting The Most Popular Shows

Treat Your Audiences to Unforgettable Experiences and Sell Tickets Easily

A major struggle for show producers is how to increase ticket sales. Growth is important for any group, but it’s especially so for those producing live events which are competing with the continuous rise of streaming platforms and social media.

When planning an upcoming season of live shows, it’s crucial that you know the audience you’re targeting so you can predict trends and stay ahead of the curve. Providing novel experiences is a prime way to sell out and see guaranteed ticket sale profits. 

Choose What’s New to Increase Ticket Sales 

One way to increase ticket sales is to look at what plays and musicals are newly available to be licensed for performance. When visiting licensing house websites, take note of what has been recently added to their catalogs. Audiences like new experiences, so if you mount a production of a play that has never been produced in your area or region, you’re more likely to perform to packed houses that are eager to see something they’ve never seen before. 

Reinvent What’s Old

If you’re set on performing a classic like works written by Shakespeare or Sondheim, try producing them in a new way to increase ticket sales. High-concept productions are always popular. If the text allows, add a modern spin, try gender-conscious casting, or set the show in an unexpected location. Ticket buyers respond to seeing works they love told in surprising, thought-provoking ways.

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Try Something Original

For organizations that have been producing shows for a long time or for groups that are looking to flex their creative muscles, it’s always worth producing original content. New material boosts ticket sales because it’s unique. Audiences will have no preconceived ideas about what they’re going to see.

For those daunted by the thought of starting from scratch, there is always adaptation. You can take a beloved story like A Christmas Carol which is in the public domain and write your own version. A recognizable title and an original script can create a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience your audiences will want to attend over and over again.

Producing original work will also save your organization money because you won’t be paying for a license to perform the material. This means you can put more of your budget into marketing your show, which will ultimately increase ticket sales. 

Keep an Eye on the News

When a talented writer or composer passes away, there is often a surge of interest in their body of work. Similarly, when a writer or composer wins a major award or lifetime achievement, the public rushes to consume their content. Producing works as a means of mourning or celebrating a legacy allows your community to come together through art.

Following various theater artists, reading theater news, and keeping up with awards nominations are all good ways to predict audience interest successfully and boost ticket sales. 

Sell Tickets with Ease

Picking the right shows is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to increasing your ticket sales. Using an efficient and easy online ticketing platform can inspire patrons to whip out their credit cards and plan a night at the theater. This is where BookTix comes in. 

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Discover the BookTix Difference

At BookTix, we pride ourselves on helping arts organizations maximize their profits by offering an easy-to-use online ticketing platform that makes buying and selling tickets from wherever an absolute cinch. Our platform includes no set-up fees and no contracts, only an all-inclusive credit card processing fee per purchase made through the system which can be passed on to the patron at checkout. This makes the system virtually free to use!

Join us for a demo or send us an email to learn more about our simple, cost-efficient ticketing platform. Your shows will be sold out in no time!

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