Why do you charge for cash and comp tickets when some of your competitors offer this for free?

This is one of those – you get what you pay for scenarios. We have considered removing it to stay competitive, but honestly it makes a lot of sense. Quality, fairness and value are really important to us. By charging this nominal fee for cash and comp tickets, we cover the cost of the infrastructure, accounting, and processing of a fully integrated system while keeping our patron fees low. Many of the companies that offer free cash and comp tickets aren’t providing a printer, Broadway style ticket stock and a full Point-of-Sale tool that will track customer purchases and manage seat inventories. We aren’t charging for stock replacement, which we ship at our expense and we don’t charge for reprints or will call printing. The idea is, if everyone purchased online, you wouldn’t have any print fees. The majority of our clients charge a few dollars more at the door, which not only covers this fee, but also reduces the line at the door. For most of our organizations, our system is absolutely free to them and they make money off our system with the ads they sell on the PDF tickets!

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