Equipment Kits

Do you really provide a printer and stock at no charge?

It’s true! As we have stated, our mission is to help the arts thrive. Providing an equipment kit valued at over $250 is our way of demonstrating that commitment to your group. We know what it is like to run programs and want to help you alleviate any start up costs.

How do the scanners work?

The scanners are simple and easy to use! You simply plug the scanner into your laptop and scan the barcode. If the page turns green the ticket is good to go, if it turns red the ticket has either been scanned already, is for the wrong date or is counterfeit.

I have more than one entry point, how would the scanner work?

Our scanner is very quick and much faster than ripping stubs! If you have a large venue with multiple entry points, you might want to have a scanner at each door. We provide one scanner, but they are relatively inexpensive if you wish to purchase additional units on your own.

Will the scanner be able to scan a patron’s phone?

The USB wired scanners that we provide won’t scan a patron’s phone, but you can use the BookTix app (for specific Apple devices only) to scan a patron’s phone (you can scan physical paper tickets as well)!

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